An Insight into Getting Your W-2 Form Online

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Employers are required to send an official statementform, of their employees income to the IRS, using the W-2 form. This is the form used when filing state and federal income taxes, and it is often required as well by lenders or other entities to prove your income for a given year. Every year, employers are required to obtain the W-2 forms for their employees on or before February 1st, so that they will be able to file their taxes. However, if after the February deadline your W-2 is still unavailable, then you can try to retrieve it online without any fee. How Do You Get Your W-2 Online? Whenever you will need your past year’s W-2, you can get those for free as well.
The W-2 is initially forwarded to the SSA (Social Security Administration) for processing, ahead of the filing of federal taxes. Once the SSA has completed processing, the form is then forwarded to the Internal Revenue Service. You can request from the IRS a free duplicate of your latest year’s W-2 after July of the existing year, and after filling out the right form then sending it back. If you ever need a copy your previous years’ W-2, you can then fill out a form and return it to the Internal Revenue Service. But, you can also do so if you had sent in the paper W-2 with your federal tax submission. In case you failed to send in such paper W-2 when filing, then there is a form you need to fill out in order to get a summarized version of your tax submissions that would include information on your W-2, and not the actual W-2 though.
If you need a copy of your recent year’s W-2, the SSA will be able to give it to you for free as long as your intention is to use it for something associated to your Social Security.
The primary issues that are considered as not related to Social Security by the SSA are as follows:
Required to file the tax return for the year to date
Validating residency
Establishing income to support a worker’s compensation claimEstablishing a way in to any pension fund
As long as your intention is for establishing some Social Security claim, or otherwise submitting papers relevant other Social Security reasons, then you can request for a free copy of your W-2.  To get more info, click Form W-2 Online. However, if your intention is not related to social security issues, then the current cost is $86 for a single copy of W-2.
The simplest means to get your W-s for the current year is to obtain it from your employer. Many employers provide secure websites where their employees can obtain the W-2 forms at any time they want, while the rest of the companies continue to mail out a copy every January. If your employer is unable to provide you with a copy of your W-2, then for sure you can get your Form W-2 online for free. Learn more from

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